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20 Unique 2.6 Challenge Ideas

The 2.6 Challenge is a national challenge organised by London Marathon Events, The Great Run Company, Human Race and parkrun to help raise money and support UK charities during the Coronavirus crisis. It launches on 26 April, the original date of the 40th London Marathon.

The idea is simple: come up with an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 and fundraise or donate to help to support your charity of choice.

This is a challenge for all ages and abilities. Just get thinking of an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6 and complete it on or from Sunday 26th April. 

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Running maybe the obvious choice, but your challenge ideas don’t have to stop there. We’ve created a list of 20 unique challenges to inspire anyone and everyone to get involved. Tag us on social media @JulianHouseUK to share your ideas.

20 Unique Challenge Ideas

For the sporty

  1. Complete 26 press ups/sit ups everyday for 26 days
  2. Walk 26,000 steps around your house and garden in one day
  3. Use a skipping rope to skip for 2.6 miles
  4. Create an assault course in your garden with 26 obstacles. Challenge your family to take part
  5. Climb 26,000 ft on your staircase, that’s 10,400 steps!
  6. If you have a football net try and score 26 goals in a row

For the creatives

  1. Write a 4 line poem everyday for 26 days
  2. Create a time lapse with your camera over the course of 26 days
  3. Draw/paint a picture everyday for 26 days
  4. Build a den/shelter in your garden in 26 minutes
  5. Learn and create 26 new origami shapes
  6. Find and take a photograph of 26 different natural things in your garden (i.e leaves, animals and flowers)

For the kids

  1. Do a sponsored silence for 2.6 mins everyday for 26 days
  2. Juggle for 2.6 minutes
  3. Build 26 different lego structures
  4. Wear a hat all day for 26 days
  5. Record yourself doing a daily dance for 2.6 minutes


  1. Give up your favourite food for 26 days
  2. Concoct and eat new sandwich fillings everyday for 26 days
  3. Create a YouTube channel, and post a new video everyday for 26 days. It could be about facts, how to videos, or just a vlog.

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Create your Just Giving page, select Julian House as your charity, plan your challenge and start promoting it amongst friends, family and colleagues.

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