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Bath Uni Students launch Olympics Quiz

“We are a group of six MSc Finance students at University of Bath. In order to support the charity, we have decided to do an online Olympic Quiz via Kahoot. The quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and it will be held on 1st August, 2020.”

How to sign up to the quiz:

Step 1: To enter, please donate at least £2.50 through scanning the QR code on our poster above or by donating via our JustGiving link: 

Step 2: Please complete the google form through the Google Forms link: 

Step 3: Wait for your Kahoot’s invitation code via e-mails from us 

Step 4: Visit the Kahoot website on 01/08/20 at 13:00 BST and enter the invitation code. 

Kahoot link: 

Step5: Enjoy your quiz and the top three winners win a prize!

For more information about our fundraising event, such as the tickets for the quiz, please follow us @olympicsquiz__jh on Instagram and we will keep you updated.