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Bay 6 Success Story

The hard work of our hospital team, Bay 6, gave Mr Smith a chance to feel at home again in his very own place.

When the Bay 6 team met Mr Smith, life hadn’t been going well. He had split from his wife and was in the hospital recovering from a leg amputation. To make things worse, his two-bedroom house was in need for larger families on the council’s waiting list. He faced a difficult situation of not knowing where he would be able to call home when he left his hospital bed. His recovery from surgery was important but the worry of facing homelessness was weighing heavily.

After a referral by the hospital staff, Bay 6 were able to begin their specialist support in housing Mr Smith. The team simultaneously started the hunt for a home whilst looking into the assistance he was entitled to financially. Within the first six hours of the team’s support Mr Smith received a back payment of the benefits he was owed whilst they had also secured a regular payment. This quick result gave hope.

The search for accommodation wasn’t far behind, with potential leads being chased by our dedicated team. During this time Mr Smith stayed in the hospital where he was able to recuperate from his major surgery. He was informed of a possibility of a suitable bungalow which had recently become available. He quickly registered his interest in the property, letting the Bay 6 team know he was interested and keen to accept. This was successfully secured by the team, next up was home furnishings.

A cup of tea and a friendly chat between our small team and Mr Smith soon established the furniture and other items that would be required for the property. A list was created and so our team went sourcing, arranging and organising what was needed. Carpet, washing machine and cooker were high priority. Mr Smith was so impressed with the dedication of Bay 6, who gave up their own time to receive deliveries and be on hand when the carpet was being laid. Other household essentials soon began to fill out the space and make the house feel more like a home.

The holistic approach the team took ensured Mr Smith was linked in with other much needed services, such as the mental health team, housing and the council. There was a meeting held with the agencies involved before he left the hospital organised by the team. This gave him the best chance to succeed in his new surroundings and be supported further.

Mr Smith was “astonished,” when he arrived for the first time at the bungalow, by the hard work that had gone in just for him. In his words he felt “very well looked after” by the “unselfish” Bay 6 team. Before the team were comfortable to say goodbye, they ensured all the services he needed were in place and provided after-care by checking his benefit payments were up to date. Mr Smith is now extremely happy in his new home thanks to Bay 6!