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First day impact for Bike Workshop

2014 August 19 by

The Julian House Bike Workshop in Trowbridge wasted no time putting the ‘social’ in social enterprise. On the very first day, during the grand opening event no less, staff in the Bike Workshop helped a man facing homelessness to access support services and find accommodation.

Whilst they were serving customers and selling bikes, the team met a man who entered the Trowbridge workshop looking for help. The man was homeless and didn’t know where to look to find support. Luckily for him, he’d come to exactly the right bike shop and the staff were very able to help.

The Bike Workshop team directed the man to Julian House’s Manvers Street Hostel in Bath, where he duly arrived and stayed for two weeks, talking with the support workers and learning more about the other support services available.

The man is now housed by DHI in Bath and is much happier. He even came back to the Bike Workshop in Trowbridge to thank the staff for their help.

It was only a small act from the bike mechanics to help this man, but just by being there, they set him on a path to better things and that is a huge thing to have achieved on the first day.

Let’s hope that first day was the first of many.

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