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Christmas Appeal

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Our services run 365 days a year bringing much needed support to some of the most marginalised members of society. With your support we can achieve more.

A bed is important but that’s often just the start…

Supported Housing

As well as being a safe alternative to rough sleeping, the key role of Julian House’s hostel beds is to provide a stable environment where clients’ needs can be carefully assessed. From here staff will work tirelessly to find suitable move-on accommodation, usually involving some level of support. This support is vital. The alternative is to simply hand clients the keys and hope that they will make the transition. Long experience shows that this doesn’t work. Many clients are so disconnected from mainstream society (often with a background of institutional care) that they don’t know how to manage their own accommodation. Similarly they may have complex health issues which prevent them from managing their own lives.

Every client has a tailored support plan which often involves other agencies and will commonly have the goal of helping them to one day manage their own accommodation and be fully integrated into their local community.

Today Julian House manages 137 supported housing bed spaces.

Work Place Experience

Unemployment is a significant feature for people with experiences of addiction, homelessness and/or a history of offending. There is clear evidence that employment can be the major contributing factor in helping individuals to transform their lives for the better. However, achieving this goal can present real challenges.

Against this backdrop Julian House launched its first social enterprise in 2010, Bath Bike Workshop – offering practical work experience and training. Other workshops have since been opened in Trowbridge, Bristol and Exeter, plus a unique collaboration project inside Erlestoke Prison. The experience of working inside a fully-fledged business which is responding to customers’ needs and delivering quality products and services is very empowering for clients, a fantastic way to build self esteem and provides easily transferable skills.

Specialist Support

Across the Julian House staff team various specialist support is available which can have a pivotal role in changing a client’s life prospects. This includes addiction recovery, domestic violence, Autism & Asperger’s, community rehabilitation- plus a co-located primary health care facility. This is in addition to much more fundamental, but equally important areas such as IT familiarisation, life skills coaching and financial planning.

Where other specialist guidance or coaching is necessary beyond Julian House, staff will sign-post or facilitate sessions with other agencies/trainers e.g. mental health, detox programmes, Site Safety Cards and counselling.


Irrespective of appearances many of the men and women who seek support from Julian House suffer from poor self-esteem. A loud public personality often masks deep insecurity and a feeling of worthlessness. This explains the common cry from homeless people that being ignored is one of the toughest aspects of their already difficult lives.

Raising self-esteem is one of the marvellous outcomes that comes from much of what Julian House does. This includes the thrill of making a second-hand bike road- worthy again and taking it home! Making a meal for the other tenants of a supported housing project, following on from a training session. Being supported to make contact with estranged family members – sometimes involving internet and records’ searches. Putting the spring back in someone’s step is a very powerful thing.


Living on the streets is damaging and dangerous. So too, is living with an abusive partner. Being marginalised from society, partly as a result of limited or nil support for a mental health condition, is debilitating and soul destroying. Children who suffer in silence whilst living with an abusive parent or guardian are at much greater risk of suffering their own life issues when they grow older.

Julian House always strives to keep its clients central to all that it does – shaping the services that are provided, listening hard, providing a safe environment where the root causes of their situation can be properly addressed without the fear of being attacked, abused or made more vulnerable.


With more support more can be achieved.


Donate to the 2018 Christmas Appeal