Winter Appeal

Help us rebuild lives this winter

The past year has us all feel vulnerable but for the people, we support this is nothing new. 

Even before COVID-19, most of the people in our care felt vulnerable and isolated from society. This year, the pandemic put their lives in greater danger. For those without a home, sleeping on the streets, escaping domestic abuse and living with addiction and/or mental health issues, everyday has been one of struggle and worry.

As such, the need for our life-changing services has dramatically increased, at a time when our income streams have been drastically reduced. The pandemic has meant the cancellation of most of our fundraising events and caused our charity and bike workshops to temporarily close. This is vital voluntary income needed to fund our life-changing services.

This makes our important work that much harder. That’s why your support will make such a difference this Winter.


You will be helping people like Scott, Sarah and Kate

Scott’s Story

Scott had his first pint at just 8 years old. After experiencing abuse as a child, his life tumbled into 20 years of drugs, alcohol and crime. Replacing one substance with another as “A way to block things out.” But one day it all got too much …

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was in an abusive marriage for eight years. Because her ex-partner never hit her, she never realised what she was experiencing was abuse. Instead of physical violence, he subjected her to a life under his control…

Kate’s Story

Kate’s family life started off well, but the death of her father when she was just 11 lead Kate down a slipperly slope. She ended up addicted to heroin and crack cocaine, became homeless and lost touch with her family…


£15 could pay for a replacement birth certificate, essential ID for someone moving into accommodation.

£20 could pay for one weeks washing at the emergency hostel

£50 could pay for phones and top up cards, providing vital contact for those needing our support

£100 could feed 30 people a day in the emergency hostel

£150 could pay for Tablet so that children in our domestic abuse refuge can continue their education.

£500 could pay for pay for a starter pack for someone moving into new accommodation containing essential household items such as bedding, towels, crockery, kettle and toaster.

Other ways you can support us: