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Coronavirus has caused massive upheaval and anxiety across the full spectrum of society, including the homeless and other vulnerable groups. It’s had a massive effect on the people we support and our life saving services.

On top of this, it’s also had a devastating effect on our fundraising efforts and our ability to fund our services. All of our forthcoming events have had to be postponed or cancelled and our charity shops and bike workshops had to close. Due to this, we’re expecting an income loss of at least £200,000. This is vital income, needed to fund our life saving services.

As such, we’ve set up an Emergency Appeal and we would welcome any regular gifts to help us plan for the future.

(We’d love to thank you for your donation. As such, please ‘sign in’ to JustGiving, rather than as a guest, upon donation. We can’t thank / update you if you sign in anonymously). 


Imagine living on the streets, already vulnerable and with little access to washing facilities and without a safe space to go. On top of this, hearing the threat of the Coronavirus and the need to keep clean and self-isolate, seems an almost impossible task for the many individuals we support.

While many of us are now slowly easing out of lockdown, it’s not that simple for people within our care. Many of whom are very vulnerable with prior health issues and mental health problems.

Since lockdown, with the Government’s financial support, we’ve been able to help an additional 30 men and women off the streets into safe and supported accommodation. We’ve kept our hostel, supported accommodation and domestic abuse refuge open and have doubled our outreach sessions -meaning we’re out on the streets even more to ensure everyone has the support they need. Since having these extra accommodation sites, we have seen huge changes and an improvement in people’s mental health, a reduction in drug use and in some cases complete abstinence.

But the challenges are far from over and your support is needed more than ever to ensure people in our care aren’t forced to return to the street.

Every day we are working hard to care for these individuals, with regular checks from our support workers, mental and physical health care and daily cooking and delivery of meals and essential supplies.

Your donation can enable us to continue this care, help purchase essential extra supplies of food, towels, hand sanitiser and bulk cleaning products, undertake deep cleaning where necessary and continue hardship payments for those who have difficulties with their benefits.

With social distancing still in place it’s important that we are there to provide vital support during these lonely times. Your donation can also help to purchase phone credits so that we can help individuals to stay in touch our staff.

Donate today and help us continue the life changing work we’ve done so far, so that no one must return to the streets.

We’d love to thank you for your donation. As such, please ‘sign into’ JustGiving, rather than as a ‘guest’, upon donation. We cannot thank or update you if you sign in anonymously.


  • Donate and share our Emergency Appeal
  • Bulk food donations, ideally in commercial quantities so that we can prepare bulk meals. Contact or 01225 354650

Please direct all other offers of support to or 01225 354650


In amongst all of this  we have been greatly heartened by acts of kindness and support but in view of the extra stretch we are suffering right now we are asking everyone to look out on our social media for any particular needs that we have.