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Daniel’s story

Daniel is 41. He left his home city of London 3 years ago and came to Bath with his girlfriend and their dog. Away from the fast-paced city, they looked forward to finding a more relaxed lifestyle.

Finding work in Bath proved to be difficult and Daniel took to labouring on building sites. Whilst this work looked promising, it turned out to be irregular and short-term. This situation added to other relationship tensions, which continued to mount until he broke up with his girlfriend.

The break up involved Daniel moving out of the home that the couple shared. As a short-term solution, he moved in with an acquaintance, sleeping on his sofa. The place was unclean and unstable: Alcohol often caused his host to become aggressive.

Suffering from these set-backs and running out of options, Daniel started drinking more and sleeping rough to get away from the anti-social behaviour.

Looking back, Daniel said ‘I was beginning to wallow in self-pity. This feeling only got worse and worse when I drank. I thought, “What’s happening to me?”’

Needing to find a safe place where he could get himself together, Daniel visited Julian House’s Hostel in Bath and was soon able to move into one of the private ‘pods’. This was a big step taking control of his situation, but there were still risks.

With reinforcement from Julian House staff, Daniel began to take more pride in himself. He came to see his experiences as a run of bad luck that almost spiralled out of control. He says, ‘If the hostel wasn’t there, I would have been stuffed.’

Daniel is now living at one of our supported accommodation projects, and loving the return to the normality of cooking and household chores.

‘I don’t want to give up. I want to help people and make a difference. The experience has opened my eyes to how helpful support work is, so in the next year, my ambition is to get into this line of work.’

He is a caring and aspirational guy who came on hard times, but found the help he needed to stay on his feet.