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Emma’s story

Story of NightStop success real life case study
NightStop success case study – Emma’s story

After supporting Emma, age 20, for several weeks with Nightstop Devon, she is now settling into her room in a shared house. However, her journey to this point was far from easy and, unfortunately, something we have heard before.

Emma had to flee her home due to domestic violence. The timing couldn’t have been worse. She had already decided that she needed to move out, but her new home wasn’t available for several weeks.

In order to try and bridge the gap, Emma asked her biological family if they could help. Unfortunately, their small 2 bedroom flat wasn’t big enough. It was at this point she faced the option of sleeping on the streets or approaching Nightstop for support.

Emma is a remarkable young person who continues to hold down two jobs. She works long hours in order to pay off outstanding debts and to ensure she has enough money to pay rent and other basic living expenses.

The issues impacting on Emma are not of her own making, but she is working hard to address these. Emma also recognises the added stress of being homeless for several weeks and is hopeful that now life is more settled things will calm down for her.

Her dream job is to work in a care setting and the Nightstop Devon Young Persons Coach is continuing to support Emma – helping to fill out suitable job applications

*The young person’s name has been changed to protect their identity.

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