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Get involved for Giving Tuesday

On Tuesday the 28th November it is Giving Tuesday; a national day that encourages people to get involved with their favourite charities. Last year they broke the world record for the most money raised for charities in 24 hours!

We want to use this day to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been involved in Julian House over the last 30 years.

Julian House depends on volunteers to help deliver a number of its projects and events; we have over 400 active volunteers, with 200 regularly volunteering to do around 2000 volunteer hours a month, across 26 roles!

If you are interested in volunteering with us please have a look at some of our fantastic opportunities here.


Here are some of our current volunteers experiences of working with us;


“Volunteering at Julian House has been amazing for me! I started volunteering as a way of helping myself, to get back to work after a spell of poor mental health and social isolation. It gave me a reason to get out of the house and travel into Bath (I was finding it hard to use the bus and now I do with without thinking). It has given me an opportunity to work as a member of a team again. It has given me routine.”

“The staff at the hostel have been amazing. It is good to know that your efforts are really needed – several staff have explained that a volunteer coming in to cook the evening meal means that their day is not so busy and therefore they have longer to spend with the residents face to face. Now that I have done it for a while now; you get to feel that you are a real member of that team. Dealing with mental health issues can be hard enough with a roof over your head and a decent nights sleep – coping with mental health issues when you are rough sleeping must be horrific – that’s what keeps me motivated to volunteer. I always find it hard to walk past homeless people when you see them in the street – but now volunteering at Julian House I can say that I am doing my bit to do something about the situation.”


“It’s a really rewarding experience, I’ve made some lovely friends and the staff couldn’t be more helpful. It can be a challenge cooking for about 25, but I’ve heard some incredible stories and watched the clients progress to the next stage, so definitely worth giving up the time. ”