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Homeless: What happens after lockdown?

Last week local journalists spoke to us about the future of people experiencing homelessness currently within our care. Many were asking, what will happen after lock down?

Since lockdown

Since lock down, we’ve helped 40 additional men and women off the streets into safe and supported accommodation. After a Government mandate and additional essential funding to acquire suitable accommodation for rough sleepers, we worked with BANES Council and partners including DHI, to support these vulnerable adults into accommodation sites in Bath.

Since having these extra accommodation sites, we have seen huge changes and an improvement in people’s mental health, a reduction in drug use and in some cases complete abstinence.

Daily support

We’re now working to support these individuals, with regular checks and support from our support workers, mental and physical health care support and daily delivery of meals and essential supplies.

BBC Points West got in touch to speak with two of our residents, Derrick and Patrick, our outreach team leader Becci Miller and PR & Fundraising Director Cecil Weir about what we’re currently doing, how it’s made an impact and what we’re trying to do to ensure no one has to return to the streets.

Future of homelessness?

It’s clear that long term, sustainable accommodation is key to eradicating rough sleeping. We’ve seen huge improvement in the wellbeing of the men and women in our care and that’s just within a few weeks.

With additional Government financial support, and a collaborative effort with our partners, we hope this can be permanent.

The effect of sustainable accommodation is clear and has been seen in our Housing First partnership with Curo and DHI. This has made a demonstrable difference to some of the most vulnerable, entrenched rough sleepers in Bath and North East Somerset. Read more here.