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Housing First

A Radical New Approach to Homelessness

Over the past few years Julian House has been part of a partnership delivering an innovative Housing First service for current or former rough sleepers in Bath & North East Somerset, in close cooperation with other partner agencies – B&NES Council, Curo and DHI.

Individuals with the most complex needs such as mental health and substance misuse are often short of accommodation options that can offer the right level of support. This in turn leads to many of those people sleeping rough or living in crisis accommodation, usually our homeless hostel in Manvers Street, for longer.

The Housing First model provides suitable accommodation and, more importantly, an appropriate level of support to those clients who have been identified by the Homeless Outreach Team as most in need, and who are least likely to live independently, without a support worker. Evidence from Housing First research, and now our own experience, shows that this increased, more timely support achieves better outcomes for clients who remain in their tenancies and off the streets, in a sustained way.

Over the course of 2019/2020 it is hoped that a total of 13 bed spaces will be dedicated to Housing First clients with more planned for 2020/21.

Referrals are made by partner agencies, via the local, multi-agency Task and Targeting group. This is a fantastic opportunity for permanent housing for some of the most vulnerable in society, and the partnership remain committed to making the project a success.

Housing First

An innovative approach to long term homelessness

Housing First is an internationally evidence-based approach, which uses independent, stable housing as a platform to enable individuals with multiple and complex needs to begin recovery and move away from homelessness.

Curo is in a partnership with Julian House and DHI and are delivering 13 hand- selected properties and providing services to ensure the ongoing viability of the tenancy with respect to the needs of the tenant All customers will have a lead support worker who ensures the effective coordination of the agreed support package.