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Housing success

Our Criminal Justice team have been working with a client who has used class A drugs since the age of 9 until he came to us in December 2018 at the age of 57.

By then he had been involved in County Lines, in & out of prison his whole adult life and his physical health had been bashed MASSIVELY . With Chronic COPD and arthritis we spent 2 months calling 999 for an ambulance almost weekly.

We applied for social housing due to his physical health and were told clearly by the social housing register for Somerset that he is banned due to his dreadful housing history.

We found a social housing provider that caters for older people who do not need full time care, but benefit from having an eye kept over them.

The client remains drug free six months on and is living an independent life in a lovely flat – using his words;

“Thanks to Julian House I can hold me ‘ead up and get on with life with a smile.”