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Jim’s Story

It was Thursday afternoon and the doorbell at the Nightstop office rang. Jim walked in and he looked exhausted, he had slept rough in a shop door front last night. He was invited into the meeting room, sat down and was made a cup of tea.

Jim had been living at a residential project for the last few months due to historical drug abuse. He now wanted to get a job and his own place to live so decided to leave of his own accord. As we were talking, it became clear that Jim was starting to regret his decision. He started to realise that it would be more difficult to do these things than he originally thought. He couldn’t go home due to a relationship breakdown and sofa surfing at his friends was no longer an option. He had nowhere else to go.

Jim heard about Nightstop through a friend that had used the service before. Nightstop staff explained to him how it worked and asked him if he would be happy to stay with a host. Jim was just relieved that he would have a safe place to stay for the night rather than return to the streets.

Jim stayed on Nightstop for one night. In that time, the Nightstop team worked together speaking to various professionals in order to assist Jim to move back to the supported accommodation project he was previously living in. The manager of the project explained that Jim could move back to the project on the understanding that he would have to perform a drugs test on arrival.

Jim asked to have a think about his options, he left the Nightstop office and went for a walk. After an hour or so, Jim came back to see the Nightstop team. He thanked them for the help they had given him but had decided he wanted to go back to the accommodation project as it was the best place for him currently.