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Lawrie’s story

I’d worked large parts of my life but a lot of those jobs had fell by the wayside because of my substance misuse, it became a case of I didn’t really want to work and I was living in my oblivion.  I didn’t think I was worthy of anything more than I had become so I didn’t even try to get work.

Realistically if I hadn’t got a place in Julian House, maybe I’d still be taking drugs, possibly dead, that’s as black and white as it was quite honestly.

Now I’m working in one of the Julian House social enterprises, they are much more understanding of the issues associated with coming out the other side of substance misuse.

I worked on my own for several years, self employed so I’m getting used to working with other people, leading other people somewhat because some of the people there don’t have as much on hand experience as I have.  So it’s kind of nice to teach and help other people.

My immediate goals are to find my own place and then work full time for Julian House, because I like the job, I like the people and the ethos of the company.

Julian House has helped my immeasurably in turning what was a pretty bleak outlook for my life into something which today I have genuine aspirations and hope for the future.  Julian House do great things for people like me who wouldn’t otherwise necessarily have got a chance.”