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Bath Uni Students launch Olympics Quiz

27 July 2020

“We are a group of six MSc Finance students at University of Bath. In order to support the charity, we have decided to do an online Olympic Quiz via Kahoot. The quiz consists of 20 multiple-choice questions and it will be held on 1st August, 2020.” How to sign up to the quiz: Step 1:… Read More

Mark’s Story

17 July 2020

My whole life has been based around alcohol, drugs and violence, I never knew what emotions were like or experienced any in my drinking days. I knew if I carried on living like this, I would end up in prison or dead, prison got to me first. Going to prison was the start to changing… Read More

Chris’s story

16 July 2020

From an early age I found life difficult. I didn’t seem to be able to have the same relationships others had. The world was a scary and unpredictable place, where anxiety and hyper vigilance tried to out-think any potential pitfalls coming my way. Then I discovered alcohol. It quickly became my go to medicine for… Read More

Nationwide Manager seeks to scale ‘Mt Everest.’

13 July 2020

Jasmin [Jazz] Silk-Reeves, personal banking manager at Nationwide Bath, is to climb up and down the height of Mount Everest using just a stepper and grit determination. The challenge, which will see Jazz tackling a massive 115,000 steps on her indoor stepper in the bank’s branch on Union Street, seeks to raise money for Julian… Read More

Shop News

30 June 2020

Our charity shops are opening A huge thank you to everyone who donated items to our charity shops. We have been inundated, which is fantastic. Now we start the task of sorting, ready to get the stock out on the shelves. This is great news for the charity because these popular retail outlets generate much… Read More

Circuit of Bath Launch

16 June 2020

Julian House has launched its annual Circuit of Bath Walk, happening on Sunday 27th September, and is calling on the public to join them in stepping out and standing up against homelessness. The sponsored circular walk, now in its 19th year, will see participants walking around some of Bath’s most beautiful countryside and surrounding villages,… Read More

Children’s book in aid of Julian House

16 June 2020

Local mental health worker Helen Brian has launched a GoFundMe Appeal to help publish her children’s book about homelessness in aid of charity Julian House. After suffering from anxiety and seeing the devastating effects of homelessness, her book entitled Elvis seeks to spread a positive message while raising money for a good cause. As a… Read More

Scottie’s Story

15 June 2020

Scottie wrote to Julian House as he wanted to share his story; A life not lived, a life existing in a world I created from the influence of drugs and alcohol. At the age of 8 years old my journey into depression, despair and darkness began as I had my first drink. This led to… Read More

Community Bike Donation Hub

10 June 2020

You can support our life changing services by setting up a Bike Donation Drop-Off in your community. Our good work relies on a steady supply of donated unwanted bikes. A pop-up bike donation drop-off is a bike donation drive where we challenge you to find at least 5 unwanted bikes from your community, be that… Read More