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Nightstop Success

Before we met Ben he was living with his mother but unfortunately their relationship broke down due to his mental health issues and behaviour. He was diagnosed with Rage Disorder after becoming verbally aggressive and breaking objects in her home. The police had been called after incidents leading to him receiving a restraining order and having to attend probation. He could not live at the family home and became homeless. 

Ben sofa surfed with friends and family, and even stayed with his mother against the restraining order which put him at risk of prosecution, until his options ran out. He got in contact with his father which led him to leaving his county and moving to Exeter. However, he had no options of having a safe place to stay and was at serious risk of becoming street homeless. Ben had started to become low of mood and was concerned his behaviour would become problematic.  

After completing a risk assessment of Ben, we placed him with experienced hosts where he behaved and interacted with hosts well. Hosts stated they did not experience any of the diagnosis given to Ben as he was polite and conscientious.  The feedback was important as it meant hosts with less experience and unsure about higher risk issues could host him, giving him more options of different hosts to stay with. 

As time went on, we helped Ben apply for different supported accommodation but also had concerns about his mental health issues. Nightstop was able to give him a reference and show the diagnosis was in the context of his mother’s home. Before he could be accepted, his girlfriend from his original county came to Exeter and asked to stay with Nightstop. However, she was too high risk to stay with hosts and Ben choose to stay in a tent with her as felt he needed to look after her. 

Ben continued to engage with Nightstop staff and he could still stay with hosts in supported accommodation but chose to stay in the tent with his girlfriend.  

He turned up one morning with cuts and bruises after being bitten and hit with a hammer after an argument with his girlfriend. We were able to place him with a host that night and support him to engage with the police whist charges were being pressed. Ben was extremely vulnerable with hosts able to provide emotional support and appropriate advice. 

Ben eventually moved into temporary accommodation provided by the council. However, this only lasted until the threat of violence ended, his ex-girlfriend left the area, and Ben sofa surfed with a friend until he came back to Nightstop.  

He applied to move into the supported housing and was accepted, Ben has lived in the flat since July 18 and engaged with staff well. He has completed the Outcome Star, a coaching tool that helps young people recognise issues in a structured method. He has applied for a music production course and wants to start his old hobbies again. Also, Ben has supported Nightstop at promotional events and he stated could never have been able to talk to people he did not know and felt staying with people he did not know helped his confidence.  

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