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Nightstop Success

During 2019, Nightstop Devon worked with three brothers aged between 17 and 21. They we referred to Nightstop after their family had to move from one property to another after their father lost his job, and was finally evicted from temporary accommodation.

The three brothers, who were all at college, had no resources to public funds. The Nightstop team worked with them over a number of months, supporting them with overnight accommodation whilst trying to find more permanent accommodation.

One brother’s has spoken about his Nightstop experience:

“At first, it felt surreal, I did not know what to expect on the day I got evicted. After talking with the Nightstop team I understood what was going to happen next and when I met with hosts, they were incredibly nice and supportive which in turn made me feel a lot at ease with the scenario I’ve been placed in. Over time, it was quite fascinating to meet all sorts of people with lovely personalities and lifestyles…it helped me tremendously. They provided amazing food, comfortable shelter and the hosts genuinely cared for my well being. “

“Without Nightstop I would not have had anywhere to stay other than sleeping on a friends sofa or perhaps ending up on the street every night. Things have moved forward for me and I am currently studying in my final year at college. I am trying to get a placement at the YMCA but in order to do that I would need income support and housing benefit. The YMCA, my college and Nightstop are doing what they can to support me to get these claims.”

“I definitely recommend this service to those who are going through hardship. No matter how hopeless the situation may seem, Nightstop has been overwhelmingly supportive.”

All three brothers are now securely accommodated in supported accommodation or the private rented sector, and are in receipt of benefits because and working alongside studying.