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Peter House move-on

The Supported Housing team at Julian House recently achieved a great result after 18 months supporting one of their service users at Peter House. It’s a perfect example of how Julian House works closely with it partners to support its service users and the credit goes to everyone who’s been involved with this case.

Guy was referred to Julian House through the criminal justice system. He was heavily involved in drug use and had a history of drug-related crime; stealing to feed his habit.

Suffering from anxiety and poor self-esteem, Guy didn’t immediately engage with the support services. His drug use continued because he did have the motivation to quit.

To their credit, this didn’t daunt the staff at Peter House and they continued to provide him with the best support that they could. By working closely with drug misuse agencies and continuing to engage with Guy, they started to make some ground. After 12 months with the supported housing team, Guy began engaging with Meaningful Occupation activities; going to creative writing classes and learning cookery skills. He continued taking part in these activities, picking up computer skills, improving his punctuality and generally showing much more motivation.

Feeling the momentum that he’d built up, Guy was shaping up for real progress. Working with the Job Centre, the Supported Housing team and Guy arranged a job interview for a position with the gas board in London. All Guy’s hard work paid off and he got the job!

Guy left Peter House in May and successfully relocated to London. He has now been working for the gas board for four months, meaning that he has passed his probationary period and been awarded a five-year contract. Guy came back to Bath in August to thank the team for their work, which has helped him to move on and start a new chapter in his life.

It was good of Guy to come back and visit because it adds a personal level of appreciation to his move-on. Congratulations to the Supported Housing team, Job Centre and the substance misuse agencies involved in this great piece of work.

(To protect his identity, the name of this service user has been changed.)