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Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme is a community based education and support group work programme for women who are in an abusive relationship or who have previously experienced domestic violence. The programme assists women to better understand controlling and abusive behaviour and the impact it has on them and their children.

Living with domestic violence isolates you from friends, family and the community. If you are experiencing domestic abuse you may feel ashamed, frightened, guilty and humiliated. Living with an abusive situation is complex and can leave you feeling very confused.

Whatever your experience, recovering from domestic violence is a recovery from a significant trauma. There is a range of common reactions that you may experience.

These may include:

  • Disturbed sleep patterns.
  • Feelings of fear, anxiety, self doubt or vulnerability.
  • Anger, ranging from irritability to rage.
  • Repeated thoughts about the abuse.
  • Feelings of sadness, loss or grief.

The programme helps break down social isolation, build strength and confidence and supports families to recover and reclaim their lives. In order to keep everyone safe who attends a group the time and location of meetings are confidential.

What’s involved in the programme?

The programme runs weekly for up to 2 hours each session.

  • The programme is a twelve-week rolling programme accessible for women to join at any time and is free.
  • One of the benefits of the Freedom Programmes is that the structure offers women the ability to opt in or out week by week – this suits most women.
  • A free crèche is also available.
  • There is a version of the programme specifically for young people called The Crush.

How to take part

We currently have a group running in Bath.

If you want to know more about the programme, please contact Amanda Movsesian on 01225 310899 or email

Please complete the referral form and email to or post to: 55 New King Street, Bath, BA1 2BN

You can find out more about the programme here.