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ROSA Project

ROSA is accommodation and support for women with an offending history to help reducing reoffending, it helps:

  • divert women from the criminal justice system and from custody;
  • prevent family breakdowns through custody or offending;
  • offer a range of support which addresses the needs that often push women into offending which includes domestic and sexual violence.

ROSA is a trauma informed service that recognises many women offenders will have experienced and survived trauma throughout their lives. This means the service not only understands the impact of trauma but also the recovery, helping women to deal with crises and emergencies and strengthening resilience in responding to stressful life events.

Safe and secure accommodation is key to supporting women, therefore women will not be able to disclose the location or have visitors. Women will be able to access a range of services including counselling, educational group work and practical support to tackle the issues that push them into offending.

The service is primarily for offenders who have experienced domestic abuse, who are involved in probation services and prior to acceptance an assessment interview is required.