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Sponsor an emergency bed night

There is a worrying trend in the number of young people who are having to access emergency accommodation in Devon.  With your backing we can provide vital safety and support for vulnerable 16-25 yr olds during a very difficult period in their young lives.  This is why we have launched our Sponsor an Emergency Bed Night campaign.


Why your help is needed?

Being homeless is damaging and dangerous.  For any young person who finds themselves on the streets those risks are even greater. 

Every year the charity provides hundreds of accommodation nights to dozens of young people (16-25-year olds) across the county who would otherwise have to sleep on the streets, beg floor space from friends or leave themselves vulnerable to strangers’ attention.

It is an unfortunate fact that demand for the charity’ services is on the rise.

Nightstop Devon has a dedicated team of volunteer hosts (all carefully vetted) who provide a safe home environment, good food and a listening ear.  These placements are supervised by trained Nightstop staff who work closely with the young individuals to ensure that their time in temporary accommodation is as short as possible.

Support from hosts and staff helps to ensure that the underlying reasons why a young person is in this vulnerable position are identified and plans put in place to address them.


How you can help.

Your support will;

  • Keep that individual safe for the night
  • Help to boost their self-esteem and optimism for the future
  • Link them to a service which will help to bring about positive changes to their life
  • Provide a springboard to sustainable secure accommodation

Just £37 will cover all the direct costs attached to providing one night’s accommodation with a host family.


As an emergency bed night sponsor, you will be helping to;

  • Provide an emergency bed for the night for a 16-25-year-old to prevent them having to sleep rough
  • Provide individual support to address their current situation
  • Provide skills to encourage independent and sustainable living
  • Provide an opportunity for a young person to turn their life around
  • Provide hope in having a brighter future


Where do they stay?

All of our young people stay in a volunteer host’s home.  Volunteer hosts are trained and vetted by us to ensure they have all the skills needed to support a young person for the night.  They provide a private bedroom, hot evening meal and breakfast for the young person.

Once a young person has been assessed and a bed has been secured for them they arrive at the host’s home and receive a hot meal.  they can have their clothes washed, an opportunity to talk or space in their private bedroom.  In the morning they receive a breakfast and packed lunch if required before coming back to the Nightstop office to review their situation.


What does my donation pay for?

Your donation helps fund:

  • An emergency bed for the night in a volunteers hosts home
  • Transport to ensure the young person arrives safely
  • A donation to the volunteer to cover food costs
  • Emergency ‘on call’ case support worker during their stay on Nightstop Devon
  • Access to tenancy ready training to help support young people to move into the private rented sector
  • Intervention support to help rebuild relationships to return to the family home
  • Prevention access to avoid homelessness

On average these costs break down to;

  • £15 for volunteer expenses 
  • £12 for travel 
  • £10 for on-call costs providing support out of office hours and weekends


Why do young people seek help from Nightstop Devon?

Over the last 12 months young people have come to us for help because:

  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual/physical abuse
  • Relationship breakdown with family members
  • Financial issues
  • Criminal behaviour


How long do people stay on Nightstop?

It varies from 1-7 nights depending on their individual situation.  Clients may stay with the same person or go to different hosts depending on our volunteers’ availability.


How many people have stayed on Nightstop this year?

From January to 28th June we have provided 256 emergency bed nights.

This has been for 20 young people, 14 male and 6 female.

Emergency bed nights have been given in 26 volunteer homes and our young people have been supported by 41 volunteer hosts.


How do I make a donation?




  • I would like to make a regular donation rather then a one off donation?

You can set up a regular donation here ( or contact for more information

  • How much of the money donated goes to provide emergency bed night?

All of the money donated goes directly into providing an emergency bed night through the Nightstop Devon service.

  • What will I receive for sponsoring an emergency bed?

You will receive monthly newsletters updating you on all aspects of Julian House’s work in Devon and Dorset and can request Nightsop Service information at anytime by emailing

  • Will I be the only person helping to provide emergency bed nights?

No.  You will be one of many generous providers who chose to help and support vulnerable young people across Devon

  • Why sponsor an emergency bed night for Nightstop Devon?

We have been working in Exeter and across Devon for the last 18 years.  During this time we have built relationships with the local councils and other agencies to provide a collaborative approach to find the right solution for young people who need support.  This means we are experts in providing a vulnerable young person with a solution to homelessness.  By providing a safe night it will provide a young person with space and support to take the first important positive step forward.  This could be back into the family home, into training, counselling, temporary accommodation or to return or continue with their education  Bby sponsoring an emergency bed night you are helping us to provide safety, hope and opportunity..

  • I would like to become a volunteer host for Nightstop Devon?

That’s fantastic news and we will support you every step of the way.  Please contact for more information.

  • How do I sign up to receive your newsletter without making a donation?

You can sign up to our newsletter by ‘opting in’ here

  • What happens when a young person stops using Nightstop Devon?

The door remains open for any young person to return to using the Nightstop service at any time.  The end goal is to see a young person move on into sustainable and independent living as a result of the positive work we have been doing with the Nightstop young people.

  • How do I refer a young person to Nightstop Devon?

Referrals can come from the local council, doctors, police, schools, colleges and universities.  In addition to other agencies who we work very closely with parents, young people and other family members.  A young person can refer their selves to be supported by the Nightstop Devon team.


Thank you. Your support is important to us and the young people in Devon that we support.  Providing a safe bed for the night and providing hope is at the very heart of what we do, thank you for being part of a vulnerable young person’s journey.





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