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Fundraise for us

Fundraise for us

Addiction is an illness that can destroy an individual and all around them. For those that want to change and want a better life for themselves, they deserve a chance. St Vincent’s is that chance and you can help us to continue to save lives.

By fundraising for us you will help vulnerable men and women that desperately need help to break free from their addictions.

Your fundraising options

Do your own fundraising
Join one of our events
Make a personal donation


The difference you will make

Could help us by toiletries and clothes for residents who arrive with only the clothes they have on.
Could cover the cost for one resident to attend a twelve week addiction treatment program that compliments our project and helps residents to understand their addiction. 
Could fund one residents key worker session for a year. These are vital and help clients to address complex social and emotional issues that underpin their addiction. 
Could fund ten qualifications which help support residents to gain vital skills which support them gain employability skills and support them to regain their independence. 
Could help sponsor one resident to benefit from our specialist addiction treatment services for one year. 
Could sponsor one resident to complete St Vincent’s 2 year addiction program and help progress the men and women we work with from dependence towards independence.