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Meaningful Activities

Julian House engages with a variety of clients from differing backgrounds. Part of our purpose is to empower all users of our services to achieve their fullest potential. We believe that to move into the employment market, clients need several levels at which they can make steps towards work.

We encourage clients to make meaningful use of their time. This could be exploring existing talents which have not been utilised for many years, volunteering or trying something new. Space2, at 55 New King Street, Bath, houses our Community Activities and Training Programme. From here, we provide a range of activities, including;

  • Practical food hygiene
  • Computer courses
  • Sporting activities
  • Literacy and numeracy skills

We are incredibly thankful to our partners such as the City of Bath College and Bath YMCA for working with us to provide opportunities to our clients who are often socially excluded and use the outreach sessions to build confidence and move into mainstream services.

After approaching our service we are able to work with the client to produce an in-depth assessment of their needs in relation to education, training and employment. The end result is a clear plan detailing what the client wants to achieve and the steps to be taken to reach these realistic and achievable goals.

Whilst working with our partners, we also ensure that we provide in-house opportunities such as volunteering at all of our projects, offering maintenance support, painting/decorating and positively target ex-service users when paid opportunities become available within the organisation. Apprentices are employed within the organisation who have a background in homelessness and we would like to expand these opportunities in the future.

Contact Information: Supported Housing Team 01225 354650
Referral Route: people may self-refer/present at a group or fill in the attached referral form and send to:

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