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Recognition for the Freedom Programme

Four times a year, the Renew team at Julian House run the Freedom Programme for women at risk, or with experience, of domestic violence. For 12 weeks, attendees of the programme meet to share their experiences and learn to understand and take control of their challenging situations.

The programme always makes a huge impression on the people who attend and the team is accustomed to receiving positive feedback. This time around was no exception with the attendees openly sharing their feelings about how the programme enabled them to change their lives and ensure the safety of their children:

  • “It made me realise I don’t deserve the abuse and want to put a stop to it.”
  • “It helped me to become confident and understand the abusers tactics”
  • “I didn’t realise this was a pattern of behaviour and I didn’t know how intrinsic and insidious the effects were”
  • “I’m leaving, moving out with the children”
  • “I’m glad I found you, I know I can leave now without being scared stiff”
  • “I have learned to value myself I feel empowered and enabled”
  • “I’d describe the freedom programme as “Brilliant, educational, supportive and it gives clarity”
  • “The programme is one of the best things that I have ever done – its life changing”
  • “I really enjoyed the course and I know that the knowledge that I have gained will be of benefit to my organisation and staff in general”

The Freedom Programme was also attended by a female police officer and by the adult safeguarding coordinator from the health and social care company, Sirona.. Both of these influential figures left feeling passionately that the programme had had a huge positive impact on their professional practice.

The outcomes for service users and the knowledge that the service is respected as a source of best practice for other organisations is something that Julian House can be very proud of.

The next Freedom Programme will be running from September to December and more information can be found here.