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Sam’s Story

Until Sam was imprisoned, he had always been employed and worked hard.  He eventually set up his own business which he ran for many years before being convicted of a minor offence.

Towards the end of his sentence, Sam was identified as vulnerable to becoming homeless as he was unable to return to his hometown upon release. Sam was accepted onto the Julian House Prison Resettlement scheme, a service which supports those offenders deemed as high risk of becoming homeless upon release and re-offending.

Thanks to the work of the Prison Resettlement Team, on the day of his release Sam was able to move into a temporary home.  Now, after a relatively short period of time, Sam has moved on from supported accommodation and lives in a private rented flat. He has bought a car and is actively looking for employment. 

“I’m looking forward to Christmas in my new home and excited for what 2020 will bring.”
– Sam.

It is important to ensure individuals, who would ordinarily have been homeless on leaving prison, have somewhere to go and support set up when they arrive. This positive start to life on the outside means the move to longer term accommodation – without the need to offend – is as smooth as it can be, maximising the opportunity for clients to make positive life choices.

The Prison Resettlement team also help with necessities in the job application process, such as suitable interview clothes and transport.  Determined to find employment, Sam worked closely with his case support worker. He has been able to secure many interviews and the team are confident he will find employment soon.

Through the provision of accommodation and support we can reintegrate offenders back into mainstream society – which has a positive impact on reducing crime. Julian House helps to tackle the root causes of some crimes by reducing levels of rough sleeping, substance misuse and ensure clients have a chance to exit past, damaging lifestyles and make a positive contribution to society.

The determination Sam has for making a new life for himself means his supported accommodation is now available for another client to enter the scheme and benefit from all the Julian House Prison Resettlement Team offers.