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Support us by just booking a holiday

We’re pleased to announce we’ve recently teamed up with Hotels That Help. By booking your next holiday through our special link on, you will be giving money to Julian House at no extra cost to you! It’s that simple. 

So how does it work? 

At absolutely no added cost to you, you can book your next holiday through Hotels That Help and donate money to Julian House. 

Hotels That Help earns money by sending you to leading booking websites like etc. (when you make a booking). Hotels that Help then passes these profits on to various charities seeking to tackle homelessness. This is all at no added cost to you whatsoever. Coming through does not increase the price at all and there are no added fees of any kind. You receive the same selection, booking process and customer support. 


Hotels That Help is a non-profit social enterprise set up by Tom Nevitt and run by volunteers  It’s a comprehensive accommodation and travel booking website, powered by big names like, SkyScanner and LonelyPlanet. All profits are passed on to charities seeking to tackle homelessness and help people build independent, sustainable lives off the streets.  

Book Holiday Donate Charity

Speaking of the website, Tom Nevitt said: “There is a considerable lack of funding available for homelessness charities and initiatives. Homelessness is still on the rise and not enough is being done to help the 320,000+ people currently homeless in the UK. Many homeless charities struggle to raise funds themselves. Most do not receive any government funding and rely solely on donations. This is not an easy or sustainable way to operate – charities need funding. If government funding isn’t enough, or isn’t there at all, then it is up to businesses and non-profit organisations to make up for this lack of funding. That’s the main reason Hotels That Help was established.”

Get booking

So next time you want to book a holiday, do so through You’ll be able to book flights, accommodation, experiences and travel insurance through sites like, G Adventures, SkyScanner and WorldNomads, AND support Julian House. 

Tip: Bookmark the page to remind you next time you’re booking a holiday, or add it to your desktop.