Christmas Workshops

This Christmas, you may not be able to get out and about like normal, but to counterbalance that we have put together a series of fun, festive themed workshops just for you. These are bound to lift your spirits, bring your family and friends together and get you in the Christmas mood from the comfort of your own home. From choirs and quizzes to cookery and origami there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A big thank you to all our workshops hosts who have donated their time to put these on. We hope you really enjoy the selection of events and can support us by donating to our Christmas Appeal. Everything raised goes towards supporting extremely vulnerable men and women who this year, face the double threat of COVID and plunging winter temperatures. With your donation and support, we can ensure we’re there to support individuals when they need us most.

To take part in our workshops, please sign up and donate an amount of your choosing (suggested minimum = £5.) You will be directed to our donation page once you have signed up. By doing so, you’re helping to support our life saving services, so desperately needed by vulnerable men and women without a home this winter.

Click on the events below to find out more: