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Terry’s Bay 6 Story

Terry was admitted to Exeter RD&E in June 2019 as he we feeling very unwell and breathless, whilst in hospital he was diagnosed with Lung cancer. He was referred to the Bay 6 service as identified as being vulnerable of being homeless. Terry was also referred to Force Cancer Charity who would be able to offer support and advice during his cancer treatment, whilst working alongside Bay 6 to help find a housing solution.

Terry was homeless in 2014 but due to having been left feeling let down by the system Bay 6 knew this was a gentleman whom they needed to gain his trust. This would be the key to moving forward and finding the best possible outcome for him. The team helped Terry find a friend he could stay

with when we left hospital, but this was far from ideal. It was a one-bedroomed property leaving Terry with only the sofa to sleep on, but at least for the short term he had found somewhere to stay and he felt safe. With his new, although temporary home and with his health improving, he signed on with some agencies to start work. He was offered sporadic work on very low wages, but it was a start.

For the last five years Terry has not claimed any benefits as the system was too complicated for him to work sporadically and then sign on the claim benefits, instead he saved the money he could to see him through the periods when he wasn’t working.

Before being admitted into the RD&E hospital he was living transitionally between friends’ sofas and was working as often has work was available to him. Frustration set in as he recognized he was falling through the gaps in the system. He was trying to work and sustain himself without claiming benefits but never had any extra money to save for his own home. Terry also had further concerns about covering monthly costs and paying rent due to the sporadic work he was getting.

Terry was admitted to hospital very quickly after his initial diagnosis to deal with the issue. He was booked in to undergo an operation which would remove half of one of his lung (infected area). He then spent about a week in hospital recovering from the operation. Although the operation went well at his first check up with his consultant, he was told they did not completely remove all the cancer cells and needed to start Chemotherapy.

Bay 6 very quickly supported Terry to apply to the council for temporary accommodation and supplied the council with all the information about his needs and went with him to support an interview with the council.

As a result of Bay 6 stepping in to support Terry with completing paperwork he is now in temporary accommodation with the council, awaiting more secure accommodation in the future.

Terry now has a roof over his head and somewhere where he can feel safe and secure, and due to the current treatment programme of Chemotherapy he has a place to rest and recover.

Bay 6 worked with Terry whilst in hospital and for a good period of time when he left hospital, which meant that he had a continuation of care and support whilst going through a horrendous time in his life.