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Tony’s story

I came to Julian House after three months in treatment. I’d heard about the support Julian House provides through others that had left treatment and had done well with their recovery and I was accepted in August.

The staff at Julian House offer lots of support, I know I can call the support workers whenever I need them and they will be there for me.

I heard about the Julian House Bike Workshop while I was doing my initial 12 week treatment programme, so once I finished this my 12 week programme my support worker suggested work experience to me.

I started volunteering in February doing 1 day a week. After a month I increased this to 2 days a week, and I am now considering extending this to 3 days.

I find volunteering there really therapeutic as well as learning a lot about cycle maintenance. Having a ‘rust bucket’, refurbishing and selling it is so satisfying.

Quite often I finish working on a bike and it goes up for sale and the next time I come back in, it’s sold. I know that that has been down to me and the money goes back to the charity- it’s great job satisfaction.

The project is helping me with my recovery and I’m learning transferrable skills. The people are good for me to be around and I’m getting great work experience.

There was a time I was agoraphobic because of my addiction. I was too afraid to leave the house and go outside. I’m now really enjoying the project and highly recommend the Bike Workshop, it’s helping me to get my confidence back and rejoin the community.