2 years of war: How Julian House supports Ukrainian Refugees

Reflecting on the 2nd Year Anniversary of the War in Ukraine…

In April 2022, Julian House stepped up to support Ukrainian refugees through the Homes for Ukraine scheme. We spoke with Heather, one of our dedicated staff members, to learn more about the vital role our organisation plays in assisting those in need.

What are some of the immediate challenges faced by Ukrainian refugees upon their arrival, and how does Julian House address these challenges? 

Language Education: Overcoming the language barrier is crucial, so Julian House facilitates access to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes in South Gloucestershire.

Accessing services: The team help register those who have arrived in South Glos to GPs, dentists, well-being services, education, and other essential services to help those new to the area build connections and community in their new home. 

Financial Aid: From providing arrival allowances to assisting with Universal Credit and benefit applications, Julian House ensures refugees have the financial support they need.

Secure housing: The team support individuals and families to access secure houses either via private rental or Home Choice if they wish to move on from living with their ‘host. The team also assists them in applying for grants to help settle them into their secure housing.  

Client experiences:

“We are grateful for your quick assistance, and we appreciate your care and do what you can to help me and my daughter. We don’t speak much English and we could not deal with all the documentation on our own, thank you for applying for our documents and help us to resettle quick.”


“For this short amount of time, Julian House helped me to adjust to a new place. I needed help with my documents and Julian House representatives taught me how to use Universal Credit, how to communicate with the Job Centre, how important is to state all the changes. They visited me and provided the support I needed so much, and I am grateful for that. “


“Hi, I would like to thank Julian House for the work they keep on doing in order to support Ukrainians, who face hardships, they usually don’t speak English and they appreciate all the help and assistance Julian House provides them with.”

Looking forward, what are the ongoing challenges and future plans for Julian House in supporting Ukrainian refugees in the community? 

“Julian House will continue to empower clients to access Hubs, local services, education, and employment to enable them to build community and connections in South Glos. While the scheme faces challenges and changes from the Government. Julian House will remain an anchor for them during these changes the scheme may face in the future.”  – Heather, Senior Casework Coordinator