Accessibility Statement

Julian House is a charity that supports vulnerable and at-risk individuals. These include those that have troubles with website accessibility – whether it be due to limited internet access, hard of hearing and/or visual impairment.

Our websites are built using a cascading sheet style (CSS) and HTML, which has several benefits. This coding style can be used on the majority of web browsers, including those available on Windows, macOS, ChromeOS, Linux and Android systems. It enables faster loading of webpages – ideal for slow internet connection and mobile devices. And for those with visual impairments, we use ARIA tags on our site to help with accessibility and screen reader functions can be used.

There are many existing tools that you can use to improve access to the Julian House websites.

If you would like to change the text size, you can either zoom in on a web page or directly change the font size in your browser settings. We recommend following these instructions based on your current browser.

Those with light sensitivity may wish to enable “dark mode” on their browsers. This setting changes the default display of dark text on a light background to light text on a dark background. It reduces the screen brightness whilst maintaining the minimum colour contrast ratios required by the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) for readability. The steps required to enable dark mode depends on your current browser, so we recommend following the relevant instructions here.

We are currently working on adding ALT tags to the images on our websites. ALT tags describe the content of an image, which increases accessibility to the full range of a web page’s content. This is useful for those who have selected to hide website images and those who use screen readers.

Unfortunately, Julian House does not currently have the resources to provide audio descriptions and transcripts for video content. Where possible, we try to add subtitles to our video content. We hope to improve upon this feature in the future.