About Us

Julian House is a charity that supports vulnerable and at-risk individuals. These include adults and young people experiencing homelessness, escaping domestic abuse, adults with learning difficulties and people who need support after leaving prison.

“Every year, we support over 2,000 vulnerable individuals.”

We operate more than 40 different projects, accommodation sites and social enterprises across South West England. These include our homeless outreach services, a 20-bed emergency access hostel, various support.

We also run multiple training programmes (including at our bike workshops in Bath and Trowbridge) to help people regain confidence, learn new transferable work skills, get back into education, volunteering and employment.

“Our projects not only address the symptoms of homelessness but also the underlying reasons why men and women are forced onto the streets.”

Our aim

We seek to build a just society where socially excluded people are supported and empowered to build sustainable, independent lives.

Our services include:

· Homeless services & support including our emergency 20 bed hostel, outreach teams and supported move on accommodation,

· Specialised support and accommodation for those escaping domestic violence

· Addiction recovery and mental health support

· Support for travelling communities

· Refugee resettlement service

· Support and accommodation for prison leavers, including training opportunities to return to work

· Support and accommodation for individuals with learning difficulties

· Work experience and training for adults experiencing homelessness and those experiencing long-term unemployment

“We provide support to vulnerable and at-risk men, women and children and help them to re-build their lives”

Where we work

We are a regional charity with services in:

· Bath & NE Somerset

· Bristol

· South Gloucestershire

· Somerset

· Dorset

· Exeter & Devon

· Wiltshire & Swindon

· Basingstoke & Hampshire

“Our social enterprises are targeted at preventing people becoming homeless by engaging them in meaningful activities, training and preparation for employment.”

Our Impact

Every year we help thousands of people out of homelessness, into employment, away from domestic abuse and more. Have a look at our impact here.

Looking to partner and support other organisations?

We recognise the challenging climate that we are all working in and that the voluntary sector has to work harder and more collaboratively than ever to sustain itself and, indeed, thrive.

We welcome dialogue around how we can work with other organisations, both formally and informally, to strengthen the sector and sustain high quality services to clients. Please contact us at admin@julianhouse.org.uk.

Where does the name Julian House come from?

This is a common question we get asked, the charity was named after our first and longest running service, our homeless hostel in Bath. The hostel was named Julian House, after Julian of Norwich; a 14th century anchoress (a woman who lived in social isolation, self-quarantined in a church cell for a life of prayer and contemplation).

Julian was a gender-neutral name in the middle ages, and her book, ‘Revelations of Divine Love’, was the earliest surviving book written in the English language by a woman.

The hostel was named after Julian, particularly because of this quote:

“To love a human being is to accept him as he is. If you wait for him to change, you are loving an idea”.

Julian managed to find calm in a chaotic world, and her writings and beliefs are superbly optimistic. 600 years on, they still really speak to our current times. She is also renowned for her words:

‘All shall be well, all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well,’

These simple words are especially comforting and offer great hope and positivity – these beliefs are extremely important to all of the work we do as a charity today.

Our name and acknowledging our heritage as an organisation is really important to us, and helps inform our values, our ways of working and our future plans.