Autism Awareness

Autism is thought to affect 700,000 thousand people in the UK, it is not an illness or a disease but a way to describe people whose brain works in a different way to others. It can affect people differently and is a spectrum, which means that people have different levels of needs and support depending on how their autism affect them.

We have a 9-bed supported housing project in Bath for Adults with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders, this service offers support to encourage and enables residents to move towards independent living by improving life skills and working with other agencies such as social services and state specialist services to ensure the right package of care and support is in place, at the right level. You can find more about the service here.

HomelessLink have produces a toolbook about Autism and homelessness which you can view here or some of the key information is below:

Henry is a resident at our supported housing and talks here about his experiences of Autism Spectrum Disorder: