Building Hope in Basingstoke: Our Mission to Address Homelessness

In the heart of Basingstoke, where our vibrant community thrives, there is a hidden crisis that demands our attention. Homelessness. It is a problem that fractures lives, leaving individuals feeling lost and forgotten. But together, we can bring about lasting change.  

Julian House is dedicated to reaching out to those in need and offering a lifeline to a brighter future. Through our diverse range of services and compassionate support, we are making a profound impact on homelessness in Basingstoke. 

Watch our powerful video that highlights the struggles faced by individuals and the impact of our work.


At Julian House, we understand that homelessness goes beyond just lacking a roof over one’s head. It fractures lives, breaks spirits, and erodes a sense of belonging. That’s why our Community Activities Network offers a safe space where individuals can find solace, build connections, and regain their sense of belonging. We provide much-needed support, guidance, and a place where individuals can rebuild their lives. 

Our dedicated Assertive Outreach Team is on the streets day and night, ensuring that no one is left behind. They offer vital support to those forced to sleep rough, helping them understand the options available and guiding them towards a path of stability. By connecting individuals with accommodation, food, drug and alcohol treatment, and crucial mental health support, we strive to ensure that no one in our community is left without shelter or support. 

But we cannot accomplish this alone. We need your help. By becoming a regular donor to Julian House, you become an essential part of this lifeline. Your recurring contribution empowers us to reach those who are most vulnerable, offering them the chance to rebuild their lives, find stability, and restore hope. Together, we can bring about lasting change and create a community where homelessness is just a memory. 


Join the movement to end homelessness in Basingstoke. Your donation, no matter the amount, can transform lives, restore hope, and create a future where homelessness is just a memory. Stand with us, united in our mission to bring about lasting change. Together, we can build a community where everyone has a place to call home. 


Help us spread the word and amplify our message of hope by sharing our powerful video with your friends and family, raising awareness and engaging more supporters in our compassionate community. Together, we can create a stronger voice, inspire change, and build a community where everyone has a place to call home. Share the video now and be a driving force for positive transformation. [Video Link]  

Remember, every action, big or small, makes a difference. Together, we can end homelessness in Basingstoke and create a brighter future for all.