Clark’s story

When the team at our specialist supported housing unit for people with Autism and Asperger’s first met Clark, his situation was complex.

He was living between a relatives sofa and a shed, he had not managed to secure any employment and was struggling to manage.

On moving into the supported housing, our staff set up three main aims for him to work on during his time at Henrietta Street:

1. To have a safe environment to live, where he could settle down and not keep having to move when things got stressful.

2. To get a proper job, preferably as a car mechanic which he had qualifications in.

3. To find a way to pass the driver theory so that he could pass his driving test – he had taken this several times unsuccessfully.

On top of this they included independent living skills, building self-confidence and managing finances.

Clark began by accessing the West of England Works (WOEW) team and completed some of their courses, he then completed the bike workshops Build-a-Bike scheme and started volunteering at Wheels for All where he worked with others to maintain bikes specially designed for disabled cyclists.

The WEOW team and support staff at Henrietta street helped Clark secure an interview at a local garage which lead to a trial week and then an apprenticeship.

Clark worked hard and the garage where happy to work with the support staff to offer him a full time job, he is now a fully integrated member of the team and the owners treat him like family.

His employers commented:

“He is polite, considerate and is very much one of the team. He is always willing to put in more than is expected and his confidence is building so am sure he will continue to do well.” 

His stable living conditions also gave Clark the time and headspace to study for his theory driving test which he then past on his first attempt.

He is now getting ready to move out of Henrietta Street into his own accommodation, where he will start his practical driving lessons, he also now has friends in the house and an active social life.