Exciting modular house project requires land

In 2021, more than a quarter of a million people were homeless in England and this number is projected to increase. 2,688 people were recorded as sleeping rough on a given night in Autumn 2020.

We believe everyone deserves a safe place to live and opportunities to change their life for the better. To help achieve this we are looking for a site to build 5 modular homes, with our longer term plan being to acquire and manage 30 new purpose-built modular homes, across several sites.

We are a registered provider of social housing and support service provider who understands the needs of people experiencing homelessness and rough sleeping – delivering services across the South West

We start with the person and tailor housing and support solutions around people’s individual circumstances and characteristics

Through our specialist housing and support services, we empower people to develop their skills, resilience and independence.

We are seeking land, that may be hard-to-develop, where a minimum of 5 modular homes could be sited, in towns in the South West. In order to make the maximum social impact sites would need to be provided free or at low cost for a minimum of 15 years.

  • Freehold or ground lease basis
  • No planning consent necessary
  • Small sites, 300 square metres, e.g. disused/derelict garage sites
  • Easy access (within 1km) to urban centres/local amenities
  • Services connections available to street or edge of site
  • Joint ventures considered
What is Modular Housing?
Image of four modular homes side by side with a small communal area in-between

Modular homes have c25m of floor space, with separate living and kitchen, sleeping and bathroom areas. They are equipped with appliances such as a cooker and washing machine, and outfitted ready for residents to move in. Modular homes are custom-built units specifically designed to be used on land that would otherwise be unused.

They have excellent soundproofing and are efficient to heat and provide residents with privacy, security and independence within a supported community.

Modular housing is being embraced as a way to counter homelessness acrosts the UK and in a number of other countries.

Julian House has 30+ years’ experience of providing quality and effective housing and support services for people experiencing homelessness in the South West, successfully supporting almost 2,000 people a year to end their homelessness.

The primary aim of the modular housing project will be to provide people experiencing homelessness with their own fully self-contained accommodation and opportunities to change their life for the better.

Julian House will provide residents with intensive individualised support, to regain control of their life, develop skills, and progress towards full independence and a life free from homelessness.

Please get in touch for more details or if you are interested:

Helen Bedser, Julian House Chief Executive | helen.bedser@julianhouse.org.uk | 07535 519 908

*Images shown here are of the Hill Solohaus