Julian House appoints new patron

Julian House is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Phil Hammond as its new patron.

For most good causes the role of the patron is to add profile to the organisation’s work and be a powerful advocate to a much wider audience than might otherwise be the case.  In both respects he is expected to help enormously.

Dr Hammond works in a highly regarded NHS team for young people with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME.  In addition, he is also a writer, journalist, broadcaster, campaigner and comedian.  He regularly appears on a number of TV shows including The One Show, Have I Got News For You and Countdown. 

Helen Bedser is the Julian House Chief Executive: “We are absolutely delighted that Dr Hammond has agreed to support our work.  His lengthy clinical experience and passion for social issues means that he can help us to give a louder voice to socially excluded and often vulnerable individuals – particularly in the areas of homelessness, domestic abuse and prison resettlement.

There is no doubt that over the past ten years or so attitudes have changed and there is a much greater understanding of the real issues which impact on homelessness.  Likewise domestic abuse is much more out in the open and victims are more empowered to seek help – rather than suffer in silence.  We would like this process of change to accelerate and our new patron will be a huge help in achieving this.”

Dr Hammond’s first day in the role for Julian House included a tour of some of the charity’s key projects, meeting staff and gaining a better understanding of the breadth of the charity’s work. He was impressed by what he saw: “What is so impressive about Julian House is not just the enthusiasm, compassion and expertise of its staff, but the sheer range of projects they oversee and people they help. They support people struggling with homelessness, domestic abuse, addiction, unemployment, prison resettlement, family break up and mental health issues, those living with autism and Asperger’s, and those in the travelling community. If we want to achieve the goal of ‘health for all’ we need ‘help for all’, particularly when we are at our most vulnerable. Julian House is not just the embodiment of this, but the team’s success in turning lives around is inspiring and profoundly moving. I am proud to be patron.