Julian House Women’s Group: Celebrating Strength & Community

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we’re excited to highlight Julian House’s Women’s Group in South Gloucestershire, as shared by our dedicated team member, Kitty.

“The Julian House Women’s Group is a fortnightly space open to all refugees and asylum seekers living in South Gloucestershire. The group has been providing a safe and warm space for women to build community and positive connections in their local area.”

The group enjoys a diverse range of activities, from yoga and art to herbalism and cookery. “Each week, there is a different activity, providing enriching experiences for our members,”

The group’s commitment to inclusivity is evident as they celebrate important events such as International Women’s Day, Ramadan, and Refugee Week.

“These celebrations bring people together, demonstrating that they are welcomed by South Gloucestershire,”


Kitty also shares the excitement of the group’s first Women’s Group Trip to ‘The Wild Place Project’, despite the unpredictable British weather. “We were exposed to a truly British day, however, the grey skies and drizzle did not stop us all from having a wonderful adventure admiring the animals,” 

As the term started, Kitty engaged with the women to understand their desires, leading to a heart-warming collaboration with The Travelling Kitchen. “The Winter cook-up was attended by 9 women and 6 children. Everyone got stuck in with the preparation, exchanging recipes and cultural rituals around food,” Kitty recounts.

The feedback from the women reflects the impact of these experiences on their lives.

“It was amazing, and thank you for the trip!” – Client

“All the food today is really delicious, the aubergine (baba) is my favourite.” – client

With the help of Kitty, we gain a deeper understanding of the Julian House Women’s Group’s mission to empower refugees and asylum seekers, celebrating women’s strength and community in South Gloucestershire.


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