Julian House’s Big Bath Sleep-Out is back – with a twist

Families, friends, and colleagues are being challenged to sleep outside for one night on Friday 4th March 2022 to support the charity.

However, for the first time ever, supporters can choose whether to join the charity and sleep out together in Alice Park or sleep out in their own gardens or homes. In March 2021, due to the pandemic, the event, which is usually held at Alice Park, encouraged supporters to sleep out at home. Due to positive feedback, the charity decided to create a hybrid sleep out where participants can choose where they would like to take on the challenge.

Event Organiser Jessica Gay said: “By giving our supporters the option, we hope the event will appeal to a wider audience and encourage more people to take a step out of their comfort zone. It gives people the option to join this special eye-opening event wherever they are and raise money and awareness to help people who are forced to sleep out every night. The comradery in Alice Park always astounds me and I am delighted we are returning to in person events. But if people do wish to join from home, we’re running a series of live streamed events and talks so we can be together and feel part of a collative mission.”

Last year Julian House provided life-changing support to over 1,500 vulnerable individuals who were experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness across Bath, Bristol, and the South West. It’s a grim realisation, that without support of a charity like Julian House, the life expectancy of a long-term homeless person is just 44 years! By taking on the sleep out challenge in March and raising vital funds, anyone can help to change that.

This year’s event is sponsored by Bath based financial advisors, Unividual. Marketing director Cherie-Anne Baxter said: “Anyone living in Bath knows the importance of helping the local charities that support men, women and children without homes. When we sit down every day to help clients manage their money, few people realise many of us are just one pay-cheque away from living on the streets. It only takes one failed relationship, the death of a loved one or a closed business. The best thing anyone can do when seeing someone sleeping on the streets is to think how can I help get them back on their feet instead of stereotyping people.”

The charity is encouraging families, friends and colleague to sign up early and start their fundraising. Find out more at www.bigbathsleepout.co.uk