Paul’s Story

Paul lives in one of our supported accommodation units in Exeter that gives young adults at risk of homelessness, the help they need to be able to move on to safe, independent living.

We had a chat with him to see how trainer tenancies has helped him so far.

Tell us a little about yourself and how/why you came to use trainer tenancies?

I had years of problems at home with abusive parents, I had put up with it for a long time but got to the point where things were getting really bad, and I had to find a way out. When I went to college, they helped me to connect with some services that lead me to find Julian House, they invited me to come in for an assessment, and it all went from there really.

How has it helped you, being in trainer tenancies?

I’ve been able to be more independent and focus on my studies more. It’s helped me with my growth as a person; I’ve got more skills, valuable life skills, that I just wouldn’t have been able to get living at home with parents like mine. I’m more independent and have freedom without the worry of being told off all the time. You’re your own person. It’s shown me how much more important money is and how to have a budget. It’s shown me that there’s much more to life than being at home, feeling unhappy and secluded.

What do you hope to do when you move on from trainer tenancies?

I hope to be able to get my own flat, even just a small one when I leave here. I would love to decorate it – I love interior design. I want to start an apprenticeship at an estate agent, get a few years of experience and one day start my own business, buying properties and doing them up to sell on. I love designing and my brother’s a plasterer and his friend’s an electrician so we could start together.

You can find out more about our Trainer Tenancies service here.