Scott’s story

Scottie wrote to Julian House as he wanted to share his story;

A life not lived, a life existing in a world I created from the influence of drugs and alcohol. At the age of 8 years old my journey into depression, despair and darkness began as I had my first drink.

This led to drugs very quickly, leading into addiction on multiple scales. Homelessness, crime and poor health have dominated my existence for many years. I was able to survive un-noticed by many as I adapted to feed my habit- the power of addiction.

In the year 2020 hope entered my life, the year where I want to live. After almost 3 years of being homeless from losing my job and being evicted, a chance was presented to me; get clean, stay clean and help will be there for you.

Julian House is where my journey started its a new path, accepting me into one of the few houses that their charity has in this area- I will be eternally grateful. In 2019 I took a near fatal overdose from psychosis of crack addiction. Since I have been with Julian House, attending key work sessions, regular testing and receiving support, I am proud to say that my abstinence has been over 6 months now.

Giving a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, a kitchen to cook and a bath to wash in, has give me a fresh start in this new life. Living in a shared house brings a sense of unity amongst each other going through similar circumstances. I have also devolved independence encouraged by my key worker ( you know who you are ), this is fundamental for me to move on and maintain all the good work I have done.

I can’t thank you enough, really I can’t. Running some more events for your charity will be a pleasure to help raise awareness and money as I did in this years Bath Half.

To everyone at Julian House THANKYOU…and to everyone who supports this amazing charity.