Bay 6

Bay6 is a project based in the Royal Devon and Exeter (RD&E) Hospital. We offer housing and benefits advice for patients who find themselves at risk of homelessness on discharge from hospital.  Discharge planning starts at the point of admission and we work closely with all wards in the hospital to ensure that anyone with a housing and/or benefits issue has an early referral to us. We seek to resolve immediate housing and/or benefits challenges and provide support for people to move into longer term, sustainable accommodation. 

What can you expect?

  • A bedside visit from one of the Bay 6 team
  • Advice and support to secure accommodation if you are homeless and/or around benefit entitlement and debt advice
  • A plan of action that you are happy with

Patients find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons. In addition to supporting people who have come into hospital directly off the streets, we also offer individualised, person-centred support for a wide range of patients who have never experienced homelessness and may feel very fearful. Swift recovery and prevention of re-admission is our collective focus and cannot happen without safe and secure accommodation on release from hospital.

We work to ensure the RD&E does not experience unnecessarily delayed discharges, unplanned admissions, or A&E attendances, saving the NHS an estimated £200k per year. We work closely with Housing Options Teams across all local authorities and district councils to ensure that limited resources and accommodation are accessed appropriately and in a timely way.

Access Information

Route In: If you are working with a patient who does not have somewhere safe to stay when they leave hospital or has money worries, please contact our team. 

Email: bay6@julianhouse.org.uk

Call: 07969999384