Outreach (B&NES)

We have an excellent multi-disciplinary outreach team in B&NES who are out on the streets 5 days a week, ensuring anyone who has been forced to sleep rough, or is leading a street-based lifestyle, understands the options available to come in. The team consists of:

3 Julian House staff consisting of:

  • X1 Women’s Specialist Outreach Worker who focusses on engaging complex women
  • X1 Prison Resettlement Outreach Worker who focuses on supporting prison-leavers who had previously been sleeping rough in B&NES to help break the cycle of homelessness and reoffending. Receiving referrals from Prisons, Probation, BANES Council and other organisations within the BANES area for anyone being released from Prison
  • X1 Outreach Service Manager

1 AWP mental health outreach worker

2 DHI staff

  • X1 Specialist Dual Diagnosis Worker
  • X1 Assertive Outreach Worker

3 Julian House staff consisting of:

  • X1 Dual Diagnosis Navigator

What can you expect?

  • A visit by staff to where you are sleeping or spending time on the streets
  • An offer of accommodation either locally or re-connecting back home
  • Information on services that provide food, drug/alcohol treatment, mental health support, internet access, clothes, washing facilities, activities, weekly Day Centre provision etc.


Telephone: 07757727016

Access Information

Route In: Please report anyone seen sleeping rough via Streetlink

Email: bathoutreach@julianhouse.org.uk

Call: 07757727016