How this stress-busting cycling sportive supports Julian House’s vital services

April is Stress Awareness Month, and at Julian House, we understand the impact of stress first-hand. Stress affects us all, but for those facing homelessness and social exclusion, it can compound existing challenges. 

The Impact of Stress on Housing Insecurity

The statistic that 39% of UK adults cite lack of sleep and money worries as primary causes of stress underscores significant challenges related to housing insecurity and homelessness in the UK.

money stress

Financial stress can directly impact a person’s ability to afford stable housing, leading to difficulties in paying rent or mortgage payments and increasing the risk of eviction or foreclosure. This chronic stress can also contribute to poor mental health outcomes, including anxiety, depression, and insomnia—factors closely linked to sleep disturbances. 

In the UK, stress is alarmingly prevalent, with one in 14 adults experiencing stress every single day. Amidst such statistics, finding effective ways to combat stress is crucial. 

Harnessing the Stress-Reducing Power of Cycling

The Bath Beast cycling sportive is reducing stressAmidst these challenges, cycling emerges as a powerful tool for managing stress and promoting mental well-being. According to a survey by Cycleplan, cycling has profound mental health benefits. Three-quarters of respondents reported an improvement in their mental well-being after taking up cycling. A third of participants noted reduced stress levels and increased relaxation, with 8% even finding relief from depression or anxiety. These statistics highlight the transformative impact of cycling on mental health. 

Ride for Change in the 2024 Bath Beast Sportive

Join us on Sunday, 7th July 2024, for the Bath Beast Sportive – an exhilarating cycling event in association with Julian House Bike Workshop. Whether you opt for the 25, 75, or 100-mile challenge, you’re not just embarking on a ride; you’re supporting Julian House’s vital mission to empower the most vulnerable members of our community. 

If you prefer more casual cycling or can’t join the Bath Beast Sportive, you can still support Julian House’s mission by utilising the services of the Julian House Bike Workshop. From reliable bicycles and maintenance to cycling accessories, they are here for all your cycling needs. By choosing their services, you contribute to creating opportunities for our clients to train, gain confidence, and reintegrate into independence and employment. 

Julian House bike workshop

Join Us in Pedalling Away Stress

For those experiencing occasional stress, cycling has proven to be a beneficial way to manage and reduce stress levels. By participating in the Bath Beast, you not only gain stress-relieving benefits for yourself but also directly support our services. It’s a win-win! 

Let’s pedal away stress today and ride toward a brighter tomorrow, together. 

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