Students start ‘Brew for Julian House’ fundraiser

Five University of Bath students have kickstarted an exciting fundraising campaign using social media in support of Julian House. Their campaign has set a target of raising £1000, which could pay for new tenancy starter packs containing essential household items for 10 rough sleepers moving into their own accommodation.

Social media presents a hugely effective medium of communication with Bath’s large student community. Their mission: to increase awareness of the ever-important service Julian House provides and encourage students to consider the less fortunate in our local community. During the lockdown that commenced in March, the UK saw viral social media challenges take over, with perhaps the most well-known being ‘Run 5 Donate 5 Challenge’, which raised money for the wellbeing of NHS staff. This challenge hopes to carry on this momentum and bring some fun into the second lockdown.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and the challenges that rough sleepers are going to face in the oncoming winter period, life is only going to get harder for those without homes.

For this reason, the university students are committing all proceeds from the campaign to Julian House, and by raising funds and awareness, hope to make a tangible difference to our Bath community.

To get involved, share a video of you throwing a teabag into your favourite mug onto your Instagram and/or TikTok account using the hashtag #BrewForJulianHouse. Then tag three of your friends or family and make sure to donate to our JustGiving page here.

Don’t forget to tag @brewforjulianhouse