Thank You to Rotary Club of Exeter Southernhay

Thanks to a recent collaboration between The Rotary Club of Exeter Southernhay and Julian House, the club have raised a significant sum which has helped provide the provision of items for people moving into tenancies.

Chris Jones, from the Southernhay division of the Rotary said “We are pleased to have fundraised, even through the pandemic, the sum of £3115 which has been spent on many items that will help young people who are leaving care through the tenancy training scheme. In a similar program, we have helped support the Prisoner resettlement scheme.

Many of the items will be a permanent fixture in the accommodation so that successive groups of young people will be able to benefit from the support Julian House is providing. Rotary has been pleased to work closely with Julian House through the Covid period, which has proved difficult at times, and we are pleased that our goals have been achieved.”

Cathy Adcock from Julian House is delighted that the club were able to raise such a significant amount. “COVID 19 has made us all feel vulnerable, yet for the people we support, this is nothing new. Yet, thanks to this very generous donation, we have been able to provide, not only essential items, but also items such as mobile phones and laptops which have been essential during the pandemic.

One of the people we are supporting has been suffering from social anxiety and has substantial barriers to mixing with people and making contact with the outside world. The purchase of a laptop has made a great difference to him, as he has been able to access online support for his mental health, including watching self-help videos as well as making online appointments with practitioners and attending workshops. The laptop has enabled him to overcome barriers to access support, which will have a long-lasting positive affect on his well-being.”