Julian House Outreach: helping those forced to sleep rough this Christmas

For the people that we want to help, things have always been tough.

Many people who sleep rough are disconnected from mainstream society – their health suffers; their self-esteem plummets; their lives become dangerous.

Furthermore, the prospects for people suffering with homelessness living beyond their 40s are poor.

Our outreach teams work out on the streets of Bath & North East Somerset, Basingstoke, Exeter and Dorset. They ensure that anyone forced to sleep rough understands their options and help them to access life saving services.

As well as checking in with the people that we meet rough sleeping, our Outreach Team also spend time talking about their access to healthcare, benefits, and housing. Through giving those forced to sleep rough rough information about the resources available to them, we’re able to help them into a pathway towards housing that meets their needs.

“It can take years to get people what they need and sometimes finding stable accommodation can be extremely challenging, but it is our job to stick with them until they have a housing solution.” ~James Ellison, Exeter Outreach Team Leader

Each of the years since Julian House established its first project in 1993 has been a challenge. Notwithstanding, the charity has coped with those challenges and forged ahead with developing more services which have improved the lives of thousands of marginalised and vulnerable individuals – providing opportunities that would not have otherwise been available.

Up until 2020 we could describe those challenges as conventional. As is common for a lot of good causes, we faced a greater demand for support than we can meet. This includes pressure on financial resources; changes in Government funding priorities, and more.

The massive upheavals we’ve seen since 2020 have affected everyone to a greater or lesser extent – and they will continue. These upheavals are far from conventional. A better word would be exceptional.

Right now we need your support more than ever.

Please donate to our Winter appeal, so we can continue to help rebuild lives:


If you see a homeless person in your area and are wondering what you can do to help, please report the details via Streetlink. This will alert us and we can send an outreach worker to engage with them.