JC’s Story

JC has been staying in our hostel in Manvers Street. Whilst getting his haircut by Eddie’s Street Cuts, we had a chat with him to hear about his story.

Eddie’s Street Cuts is run by barber Eddie Ilic whose goal is to boost the confidence of people sleeping rough or living a street-based lifestyle. The team at Eddie’s Street Cuts work with several organisations including Julian House – operating at our Bath hostel.

This is what JC told us about his story:

I lived in my family home, in social housing in B&NES, all my life up until my mum died two years ago. The house now had an extra bedroom, so a year after she died I was asked to leave. So I started renting privately but I lost my job so couldn’t pay my rent and lost my tenancy. After sofa surfing for a while, I started living in a park called The Wreck in Peasedown and ended up walking to Bath. In Bath, I met the Outreach Team at Julian House and they housed me in Manvers Street.

Having your haircut can be a great boost to your self-esteem. Since JC had his cut, he has been staying at one of our hostels. He likes to keep busy every day by doing some of the chores in the hostel. His preconceptions about staying in the hostel have been proven wrong and he is looking forward to moving on, getting a job in roofing and moving into his own place.

You can read out more about Eddie’s Street Cuts here.