Fundraising Tips

Make the most out of your fundraising with our step by step guide and helpful fundraising tips shared below. If you need any more information or support, our Fundraising team are here to help you. Simply contact us at fundraising@julianhouse.org.uk.

1. Decide how you'd like to raise funds
Whether you decide to launch a virtual collection amongst friends and family, or host an event, virtual or in person, there’s lots of different ways to raise vital funds to support the people within our care. Think how many people you’d like to be involved, how you can raise money, whether it’s ticket sales or sponsorship and what resources you already have access to that can help. Who you know might be a good place to start.  
2. Organise your fundraising event

You may have done this in the past or been involved on a committee.  If you haven’t, then don’t be put off; the key thing to remember is that people like to have a good time.

Event ideas
  • Quiz night
  • Mini sports tournament (skittles, darts, pool e.c.t)
  • Car boot sale
  • Race night
  • Disco
  • Dinner
  • Promises’ auction
  • Barbecue
  • Coffee morning

Virtual events

  • Virtual quiz
  • Virtual gig
  • Sporting challenge
  • birthday collections
  • Sleep-out in your garden
  • Dance challenge

Many venues get booked up quickly so even if you are only thinking about staging say a disco or skittles night, ask now and make a provisional booking. 

It is more important to promote an event than to spend hours and hours chasing 20 raffle prizes.

3. Set up your fundraising page
One of the easiest ways to collect sponsorship or ticket sales is by setting up an online fundraising page. We recommend Just Giving – which you can set up hereBe sure to personalise your page with a photo of yourself and say a bit about why you have chosen to support Julian HouseYou can upload up to ten photos, so why not add a few more to really tell your fundraising story.
4. Set your fundraising target
Think about how much you want to raise as well as how much your friends and families might be able to give.
5. Get social
Set up an events page on Facebook and ask friends and family to share what you are doing on social media.

You can tag/mention us using @JulianHouseUK

6. Contact your local press
Any extra exposure in the local paper or an appeal on your local radio station can really help. Make sure to tell them about your event and your fundraising page address so that readers and listeners can find your page and support you. 
7. Make a video
An engaging story makes all the difference and what better way to spread your fundraising message than through video. Make a 1-minute video on your phone or video camera about why you’re fundraising and share it on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Remember to tag us in @julianhouseuk.
8. Friends and family

This should be an important part of your fundraising plan and events promotion and once word gets around that you are raising money for a cause close to your heart, most will be more than happy to support you. Don’t be shy about asking, giving family or friends a call or sending an email asking for sponsorship/ ticket sales. Explain the event/ challenge, why you’re taking part and the impact it will make. 

A family member or friend may take a sponsor form and canvas on your behalf in their place of work. If you’d like a sponsor form, please email fundraising@julianhouse.org.uk 

9. The workplace

Whether you work in an office, factory or retail outlet, this is another good place to canvas for support.  You could place a sponsorship form in the canteen, posters promoting your event, try and organise a dress down/T-shirt day where everyone who participates has to make a minimum donation of say £2.  Raffles can also be set up easily, provided all the tickets are sold on site. 

Workplace ideas
  • Ask if your employer has a matching scheme whereby they will match charitable monies raised by staff members.
  • Promote your participation in the event in the staff magazine or newsletter.  If you are in the position of dealing with outside suppliers or customers, again this is a very good way of gaining sponsorship.
  • Adapt your work (and personal) e-mail signature and add a line at the bottom telling people about the event you are doing. Don’t forget to include a link to your online fundraising page.
  • If a special acknowledgement is needed i.e. a thank you letter from Julian House, do let us know.
10. Companies and supermarkets

‘Cold’ letters to large companies can be very time consuming and not very productive. Instead chat with organisations where you have some contact e.g through a friend, family member or your business may supply them with goods or services.  You could also ask for support in kind such as the use of their sports facilities or community hall. It’s a good idea to also think about how you could be benefiting them with an arrangement.

Company ideas
  • Supermarkets are usually willing to donate prizes to a raffle, allow you to bag pack or bucket collect in their store.
  • One idea, which has been proven to work, is to ask local firms or companies to sponsor you for £50 with the chance their company logo could be featured on the sweatshirt/T-shirt which you will wear during the event.  For each company which provides sponsorship, their name will go into a draw.  The lucky firm then supplies you with a copy of their logo which will be printed on the garment.  A photograph of you on the ‘roof of Africa’ will then be given to the local newspapers and should make a great follow-up story and at the same time provide free publicity for the company.  We can help you to organise this.
11. Clubs and associations
There will be a number of clubs in your area who have charity funds which they can allocate to worthy causes.  Emphasise the real challenge that you are undertaking and offer to come back and talk about the experience. 

Need some help?  

Our fundraising team is always on hand to help with ideas, more fundraising tips, help you promote your event on online and in the press, and more, to make sure your fundraising is a great success. If you’d like some help, please contact fundraising@julianhouse.org.uk.